Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A mention in "The Daily'

My post in my main blog was picked up by it's CCK08 tag & rated a mention in Stephen Downe's 'The Daily'! Looks like the tags are working & links are happening. Also very admirable of Stephen to wade his way through what must be hundreds of posts with the CK08 tag.

One of the things that the CCK08 course has already succeeded in doing is to show educators the power of networks. Not networks in the sense of individuals coming together by making links before they network, but a serendipitous network. Where a common goal, in this case making sense of Connectivism, brings together a wide range of people. These people are provided with the opportunity to network in smaller clusters or with the wider group or with the course convenors or just to lurk, read, reflect & perhaps learn.

I had my doubts about how such a large group would connect at all but so far, I do feel part of it all, although I doubt if anyone else in the group cares. Its this mixture of being part of something bigger but still 'alone' & a free agent that is perhaps one of the liberating things about on-line learning. You are provided with the opportunity to network but you have the choice of whether you participate.

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