Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keeping up

A deluge of information to keep up with! The things that have worked so far are:-
Daily email from Stephen Downs which summarises some of what has taken place in the various forums has been helpful in focusing some of my thoughts on how to sieve through all the information coming through the course.

A daily summary of the Moodle course site forum posts which has allowed me to work out the posts that have generated activity & which I need to check. Also this alerts me to anyone who may have replied to my posts.

I am still working my way around the course pageflakes site. Although I have used pageflakes before the amount of information coming through on to the course pageflakes site is daunting. However, it does show one way to aggregate many streams of information coming in on a similar topic. I copied the course pageflakes page on to my own pageflakes. The connectivism course site is now easily accessed on a tab on my own pageflakes. A cool way to share aggregations. This is a really easy way to share your own aggregations & I can see good ways to use this in education. Just need to think of a good example of how to use it to show to our elearning & staff ed. teams so that they are able to spread the word.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Selina
I agree, The Daily & Moodle are very useful for "keeping up". I haven't really explored the pageflakes yet...but hopefully I'll have time to explore these next week.
I enjoyed reading your blog.
If you are interested my blog is at: http://connecting-online.ning.com/profiles/blog/list?user=r0g5in40pt2x
Cheers jennip